Headway Guitars

In the first half of the 1970s, together with the decline of the group sounds that became a big boom in the latter half of the 1960s, the period of stagnation continued with the end of the electric guitar boom, but "Takuro Yoshida", "Kaguya Hime" and many other forks Folk guitar (acoustic guitar stretching steel strings) began to sell as influence of popularity of singers / groups, it was a time when liveliness came back to the Japanese guitar industry in the mid 1970s. At this time, design and production methods were not yet established, and guitars that are doing funny designs from now are seen, but since information and knowledge of the guitar is small, if anything is a reasonable price fork guitar, sell anything It was the dawn of an acoustic guitar production that seemed to end.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yuuo Momose who is absorbed in making guitar and Megumu Yatsuka of President and Chairman of Division, Inc. currently meet. Looking back on Momose of the time, Mr. Yachika said, "The feelings and enthusiasm for making guitar were far stronger than those of other craftsmen, and there was something that was also prominent in polite and heartfelt work." . Over the next few months, Yatsuka will be persuaded to Momose, "Let's make a factory together, let's make the best quality guitar in Japan."

Yaguka aimed for a good thing and thought about starting up a factory himself, there was a background of the time of the guitar industry at that time. At that time, Yatsuka was doing wholesale sales of guitar with a cross instrument, but I felt the limit on the quality of the commissioned product at that time. Because at that time it was an era of selling if you made some kind of things, the request for the products of Hachimuka was too severe for the contractor, so we could not pursue a thorough quality. So "I set up my own factory, I will pursue a satisfying guitar there," I decided to pursue, and Morse caught my eye as an excellent staff for that.

Momose himself also resonates with the passion of Yatsuka saying "Let's make good ones", and finally we will embark on launching the factory. It was in April 1977 that the two of them set up a headway factory in Shinshu and Matsumoto with several staff members.