Jose Ramirez Guitars

José Ramírez I originally trained at the workshop of Francisco González in 1870. He soon decided to leave and, in 1882, he opened his own workshop in the Rastro and then at number 2, Concepción Jerónima Street. At that point, he started a tradition that has passed on from generation to generation, direct to the current 4th and 5th generations. Today, Amalia Ramírez is at the helm of this century-old company and she is responsible for teaching her niece and nephew, Cristina and José Enrique.

José Ramírez's workshop gradually became the driving force behind the Guitar Guild of Madrid thanks to the improvements and developments added to the instruments and to the professionals who trained at the workshop and eventually set up businesses themselves. Today, we are among the most important traditional makers of guitars in the world. We are the oldest Spanish guitar brand whose line of business can be traced directly from parents to children.

Historically, the workshop and the shop were at 2, Concepción Jerónima Street. The shop moved to its current location at 8, Paz Street, behind the clock in Puerta del Sol Square, in 1995.

A career spanning more than 134 years endorses our reputation as experts in the Spanish guitar at the service of guitarists.

Five words are the foundations of our corporate philosophy and represent the five key pillars behind five generations of guitar makers: Tradition, Experience, Quality, Innovation and Professionalism.