Unleash the Metal Mayhem with Solar E1.7 Canibalismo 7-String Electric Guitar!

Calling all metalheads! If you're on a quest for the ultimate metal shredder, look no further than the Solar E1.7 Canibalismo 7-String Electric Guitar. It's a beast that'll take your metal game to a whole new level. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of Solar Guitars and explore why the E1.7 Canibalismo is the perfect weapon for all you metal maniacs, djent enthusiasts, and shredding virtuosos out there.

 Solar E1.7 Canibalismo 7-String Electric Guitar

The Power of Metal

Metal music is all about unleashing raw power and intensity, and this guitar was made for just that. The Solar E1.7 Canibalismo is a tonal monster designed specifically for metalheads like you. Whether you're into classic heavy metal, mind-bending djent, or lightning-fast shredding, this guitar can handle it all with ease.

Ready to Djent

You know that crushing, low-tuned sound in modern metal? That's djent, my friend. And the Solar E1.7 Canibalismo is the key to unlocking that sound. With its extended 7-string range, this guitar lets you dive deep into the djent realm. You'll be laying down those heavy, chuggy riffs and mind-blowing polyrhythms like a true djent-master.

Shred Like There's No Tomorrow

If you're all about lightning-fast solos and mind-bending speed, the Solar E1.7 Canibalismo is your ticket to shredding glory. Its sleek neck profile and smooth ebony fretboard make it a dream to play. You'll effortlessly blaze through arpeggios, lightning-fast runs, and mind-boggling solos. Plus, with that extra string, you can explore new melodic territories and add some serious range to your shredding arsenal.

Crafted to Perfection

Not only does the Solar E1.7 Canibalismo sound like a beast, but it also looks like one. The folks at Solar Guitars, led by the legendary Ola Englund, know their craft inside out. They've crafted this guitar with meticulous attention to detail. The solid mahogany body and flame maple top not only make it durable but also give it a killer aesthetic. And let's not forget that matching headstock, adding that extra touch of aggression to its look.

Unleash Your Creativity

But hey, this guitar is not just about raw power and killer looks. It's a tool that'll help you unleash your creative genius. Whether you want to create bone-crushing metal tracks or experiment with new sounds, the Solar E1.7 Canibalismo has got your back. With its versatile pickup configuration and advanced electronics, you can shape your tone exactly how you want it. It's all about capturing your passion and intensity and turning it into pure metal mayhem.


So, my fellow metalheads, the Solar E1.7 Canibalismo 7-String Electric Guitar is here to take your metal game to the next level. It's a powerful and versatile instrument that's perfect for any aspiring shredder, djent enthusiast, or lover of heavy metal. With its immense tonal range, effortless playability, and killer design, it's a true metal beast. So strap on this weapon of mass metal and let it guide you on an epic journey of sonic destruction. Get ready to unleash the metal mayhem like never before!

Start shredding now!