Suzuki Violins

More than a hundred years ago, there was a man who made a violin without having hardly any knowledge of the techniques of violin-making. His only textbook was a violin that a friend of his owned. The man was Masakichi Suzuki, founder of the company. Starting from scratch, he built up one of the leading musical instrument companies in the world.

While in Europe, the home of the instrument, violins are mostly made in small workshops by master violinmakers, Suzuki introduced a factory production system from his early years and later succeeded in mass-producing quality violins. The stable quality of Suzuki violins has now won great confidence internationally. 
The passion of the founder is shared by Suzuki's craftsmen today. Their techniques include to make the cutting tools themselves, give the wood panels a beautiful grain, give them rich expressions with lacquer, and to have each instrument produce a top-quality sound. The expert techniques the company has developed since its foundation keep evolving and so can fend off any competitors.

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