Headway HD-115/ATB Acoustic Guitar
Headway HD-115/ATB Acoustic Guitar
Headway HD-115/ATB Acoustic Guitar
Headway HD-115/ATB Acoustic Guitar
Headway HD-115/ATB Acoustic Guitar

Headway HD-115/ATB Acoustic Guitar

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Especially in the world of acoustic guitar "It gets crowded and the ringing increases" is a well-known fact. Whether the sound of a vintage guitar with plenty of dignity with a shiny new guitar and playing scratches is different is not even a person who does not know the guitar somehow.

It is an exaggeration to say that the time to touch the guitar while feeling the change in the tone and the instrument itself as being left to the impression of each person who plays good and bad of new and vintage, sound and playing feeling is one of the great appeal of this hobby to the player I do not think so.

Meanwhile, we have made decades since the start of the brand for us, Headway, and now I realize this "guitar change" through the maintenance of the guitar I used to create. This guitar of HD - 115, spruce top, rose side back produced in the latter half of the 1970 's is still playing active as still the most standard model of headway. It is a great pleasure for us and it will be a source of future guitar making when we produce a richer sounding than originally completed while maintaining a good condition as an instrument. 
The HD-115 ATB produced this time made it so that everyone playing the "change of tone" obtained by keeping playing the headway guitar enjoy.

According to the way Showa HD - 115 did not cut power trees (non - scroll bracing), the position where the bracing crosses the bridge side (standard X). The sound is well-balanced, and the sound with the core is pulled out. In the specification that is said to be hard tone in general, you can experience the ease of playing that reverses the image, rich volume.

Besides, in order to reproduce the HD-115 at that time, I also stuck everywhere on the appearance such as brass sound hole label, serial stamp, painted pick guard, paint color and texture. On the other hand, including the use of JESCAR frets and feeling good response from the latest production results, also reconstructed the HD - 115 as the standard of the current headway. A guitar that is used by a player and changes to a sound with each depth, "keep on playing" guitar. Please try out the newly completed HD-115 ATB.

  • Body Top: Spruce
  • Indian Rosewood body, neck and sides
  • African Mahogany 1P Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Bone Nut
  • Ebony bridge
  • GOTOH/SG 301 05GG Machineheads
  • 644mm scale
  • 43.0mm Width and nut
  • Non Scalloped Non Shift X Bracing
  • Thin Urethane Finish
  • Accessories: Hardcase, hex wrench, warranty card
  • Made in Japan
  • Year of manufacture: 2011