Tama HT530B Drum Throne
Tama HT530B Drum Throne

Tama HT530B Drum Throne

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Tama HT530B Wide Rider Trio Drum Throne offers a comfortable design for drummers who prefer the front cutaway style. This provides unimpeded thigh movement, which can be more comfortable for drummers doing a lot of intensive pedal work. With a tri-leg base and oversized rubber feet for maximum support and stability, the Tama HT530B Wide Rider Throne features an easily adjustable height range with high quality ‘Sit Tight’ seat clamp and ‘Rocklok’ mechanisms.

  • Wide Rider Seat with Front Cutaway Style
  • Urethane Foam Will Hold Shape For Years
  • Special Cloth Absorbs Perspiration Preventing Slippage
  • Double-Braced Legs Provide Maximum Support
  • Over-Sized Rubber Feet Ensure Stability


Model: HT530B